Yury Zhauniarovich

"If you worried about falling off the bike, you'd never get on."
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Recent News

Our Paper Accepted to ACM CODASPY 2020

Our paper “Dissecting Android Cryptocurrency Miners” is accepted to ACM CODASPY 2020.

Demo Paper is Accepted to ACM CCS '19

Our demo paper “SDN-based System to Filter Out DRDoS Amplification Traffic in ISP Networks” is accepted to ACM CCS ‘19.

Talk at the University of Luxembourg (25th June, 2019)

I will be giving a talk on Bitcoin donations to open-source projects at the University of Luxembourg on the 25th of June, 2019.

Recent Posts

Using VSCode as a Default Git Editor

Last several years I use git as my version control system (VCS) both for personal and work projects. If you are working in a team, usage of a VCS brings you a lot of benefits like change tracking, history viewing, merge issues resolving, etc.

Configuring Python Workspace: Poetry

In the previous article, I have described my approach to configure Python workspace. I mentioned there that I do not use poetry because it “cannot be used to specify dependencies when you work with Jupyter notebooks”.

Configuring Python Workspace

I like Python. For the last several years, I have used it extensively in my research. There are a lot of useful libraries, and it is an equally powerful language for writing simple scripts, producing large systems, doing data analysis and machine learning.

Recent Publications

Dissecting Android Cryptocurrency Miners
StaDART: Addressing the Problem of Dynamic Code Updates in the Security Analysis of Android Applications