Looking for New Position

A month ago, I was about to start looking for a new position. Actually, I was quite prepared for this moment: I have updated my CV and resume (look at my post how to make a visually appealing CV and resume) and got the second vaccine shot. However, the life made its own corrections - my laptop died (as the master discovered later, the CPU burnt). So as it is quite old (I used it since 2015 and, actually, I did not plan to substitute it in the near future), it is obvious that I was not able to buy a new CPU. Finding a used one became a quest too. I did not manage to find exactly the same model, while my laptop refused to recognize CPUs with the same core but different model.

Thus, I was forced to start looking for a replacement. Apparently, today this is not an easy task due to the shortages of microchips. I found 3 different laptop models with configurations suitable for me, but I did not manage to order any of them. The representatives of the companies, where I placed my orders, called me back the next day saying that they could not fulfil my request. They promised to have updates after 11th of May, because laptop supply chains in Belarus are closely connected with Russia, where long holidays from 1st till 11th of May are announced. So as I did not want to wait additional couple of weeks, I found a lower-end version of the model I chose and bought it.

Long story short, I am starting looking for a new position, R&D in Computer Security and/or Data Analysis. And now, I am seeking help from you, my friends! I would appreciate if you could recommend me interesting positions in the area, share my profile with the relevant people or just like/share/comment this post to increase its visibility. I know that the network rocks!

Thanks in advance!