CRêPE: A System for Enforcing Fine-Grained Context-Related Policies on Android


Current smartphone systems allow the user to use only marginally contextual information to specify the behavior of the applications: this hinders the wide adoption of this technology to its full potential. In this paper, we fill this gap by proposing CRêPE, a fine-grained Context-Related Policy Enforcement System for Android. While the concept of context-related access control is not new, this is the first work that brings this concept into the smartphone environment. In particular, in our work, a context can be defined by: the status of variables sensed by physical (low level) sensors, like time and location; additional processing on these data via software (high level) sensors; or particular interactions with the users or third parties. CRêPE allows context-related policies to be set (even at runtime) by both the user and authorized third parties locally (via an application) or remotely (via SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, and QR-code). A thorough set of experiments shows that our full implementation of CRêPE has a negligible overhead in terms of energy consumption, time, and storage, making our system ready for a production environment.

IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security